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Cover Marriage Barter
Marriage Barter
Release date October 18, 2013 Available at Evernight Publishing

Elizabeth Corbin needs a man, specifically a husband, to secure a place on a wagon train going to the Dakota Territory. But, she wants a partnership without benefits and sheís ready to barter.

Noah Kincaid isnít sure what in the hell happened. One minute heís getting off his horse anticipating a drink and the next heís thrown in a hellhole of a cell. A few days later he has a raging fever and knows this canít end well. Then a fiery redhead literally bursts through the doors of the saloon/courtroom and things heat up.

Elizabeth has what she wants, but as she learns more about Noah she realizes he isnít a poor cowboy and doesnít need what she has to offer. Not so as far as Noah is concerned. Maybe he doesnít need her money or land, but that doesnít mean he isnít interested.